My name is Konstantinos Livieratos, just Kostas for short. Curious about everything by nature, software engineer/SRE by day and night.

My activities:

  • Site Reliability Engineer at Embark, working with scaling live gameservers using Kubernetes and Agones. ex-Detectify.
  • I run Embrace Risk, a weekly newsletter for SREs with quality content to keep yourself updated without getting lost in thousands of social media content.
  • Co-founder of Madinad, a premium advertising network. Not involved with the project anymore.
  • Running KubeCamp
  • Building RewriteWithAI, a tool that helps SDRs get 4x more qualified bookings rate
  • Working mostly with Go, Kubernetes and containers in general



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Do I offer consulting services?

Yes. Contact me for more information. Workshops or training sessions are also possible.

Also, happy to connect and mentor whoever finds my experience useful!