How to become a Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Feeling uncertain about things? Go through my How to become a CKAD guide as it will provide you with all the little details necessary for managing Pods, Deployments, etc. Also, if you are in need of a PSI bridge (the browser you will use during the CKA exam) simulator, feel free to use this one: Grow an understanding of how to roll out a cluster And by rolling out I mean from scratch with kubeadm. [Read More]

Don't (always) use Kubernetes!

One more controversial topic! Is Kubernetes always right? Or always wrong? Well…always is a pretty strong word so I’ll refrain from using that. But I don’t think anyone believes a blog should be hosted on Kubernetes…what if it’s Techcrunch size though or has complex business and/or data logic under the hood? Founder jargon demystified: "Our advanced AI powers the heart of our product" = We have a bunch of if-statements and a human responding manually to everything else [Read More]

2023: a year of exploration - these are my top 7 priorities

Want to stay updated on all-things SRE? Subscribe to my weekly newsletter Embrace Risk and get quality article & podcasts content every Monday! As the new year approaches, it’s important for everyone to take a moment to slow down and reflect on the past year. If you’re like me and always working to stay relevant in the software engineering industry, introducing and implementing new, cutting-edge technologies into your organization, there are plenty of exciting technologies to explore in the coming months. [Read More]

How to become a Certified Kubernetes Applicaton Developer

This guide is pretty much a summary of my study tips for passing the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exam by Linux Foundation. However I’m not the typical student material as I followed some universally considered unorthodox methods, therefore I’ll give you my study tips as well as tips for making your daily work with Kubernetes a bit more pleasant. The exam The CKAD exam focuses on the following areas: [Read More]

Navigating SRE - for Product and Engineering

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a discipline. It incorporates aspects of software engineering and applies them to operation tasks. It is borrowing a lot of Agile concepts hence it helps if your organization is already working with these principles in your day-to-day. This long-form aspires to put together my experiences so far and things I’ve learned the hard way. This is by no means a complete guide. It is supposed to be a high level overview to help teams understand more about SRE, act as a quick how-to and intends to be ready by Product and Engineering people. [Read More]