A simplistic explanation of the entity services anti-pattern

Lately, I’ve been participating in discussions where microservices patterns are the hottest topic. People coming from Java background most of the time go for a software design comprised of entity services. Spring even has a tutorial about creating entity services. Microsoft does too. That nearly explains why, I presume. In this post, I will explain my view on this anti-pattern. Backgound Once upon a time, there was a huge monolith. It started as a great initiative and helped the dev team release features easily and, frankly, quite fast especially in the beginning. [Read More]

You need to be this tall to do micro-services

Hello, is this thing on? Alright, now that we’ve established that this is a place where I publicly write about my experiences, I thought it’d be interesting to start with “all the steps you need to do before you consider yourself doing micro-services the right way”. Some background About a decade back, I was an entry-level software engineer. I was working alone on small projects, while I was breaking into all the new technologies. [Read More]

Hello, world!

Yet another attempt to revive my blog and shed some light into stuff I’m working on and I personally find interesting. Consider this a personal challenge of myself to express in writing every day stuff that I do and attract my attention, and could potentially be professionally (or not) beneficial for others as well. In this blog I’ll be writing mostly about: Python and Go best-practises Microservices and my experiences with service oriented architectures AWS deployments Kubernetes deployments and one thing or two that I pick up on my way Feel free to DM me on Twitter if you have a topic you’d like me to elaborate on, or hop on a brainstorming video chat, or generally just exchange ideas about technologies. [Read More]